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Where East Meets West, Book writen by Manjari Narayan | Book Your Copy Now On:

Where East Meets West Magnum opus novel by Manjari Narayan

Young Sara’s journey starts in an Indian town and her passion for Music and fear of a forced marriage drive her away to a city of total strangers. Sara lands in London to pursue Music and learn about a guy Nick whom her mother wants to beget as her future son-in-law. Sara is accompanied to London by the cousin and bosom friend Sonali. She hits upon Ms Winnie who has some information to disclose about Nick and his family members. It is upon the insistence of Ms Winnie her local guardian that Sara enters Nick’s household in the guise of Maya to tutor Nick’s cousins about the nuiances of music. Nick’s Granny Shanti devi wants Sara to instil in the Britishborn and bred children true Indian values. Can Sara meet the challenge of metamorphosing Nick and his cousins…??? Read on to unravel how two people who are as far apart as the East and the West decide to come together for good….

About the Author
 The Author of the book Manjari Narayan has a graduate degree in Psychology from the University of Mumbai. Besides writing beautiful stories, she loves painting and has a few art exhibitions to her credit. Gifted with a sweet voice, she also enjoys singing and listening to music and is undergoung training in Indian Classical Music.
 A philanthropist, Manjari has played active role in the sanitation drive in remote villages, set up a school, set up health camps, funded the education of the needy, has arranged for the dowry of a girl from the low-socioeconomic-sub-strata etc.  
 She lives in Lucknow with her husband and daughter. “Where East Meets West” is her second book the first being “Musings (A Collection of 8 Short Stories and a Novella.)
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